Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Why do people continue to smoke in spite of the overwhelming evidence that it's (cigarette smoking) bad stuff?

Here's a list-see if you recognized yourself.

1. You're afraid that you will gain weight
2. You'll have to give up your "crutch"
3. You'll get cranky or mean
4. Stopping is "simply too painful"
5. What will I do when have to face unhappiness or work related trauma?
6. Will it take a long time?

Dr. Alex's Answer.

There is no question about it-Cigarette smoking gives pleasure. The big question is "Is the pleasure of smoking worth the liability? The answer is NO, NO, NO. "Believe it or not, I'm not talking about physical illness. I'm talking about how doing something that you knows is WRONG is a huge mental bring down. You begin to think that there is something wrong (Do I lack Willpower?) These negative feelings spill into all areas of your life, making life NOT what it should be. We all have crises in our lives, which we must address and take care of, but o create your own problem by smoking, is ludicrous.

Quitting smoking wit hypnosis is effective and relaxing. The hypnosis induction progressively relaxes you, thus making it easier.