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Quit Smoking with Hypnosis:

You will find there are various methods to quit smoking such as nicotine patches and prescribed medicines, which is not found to be successful in making a person for giving up a smoking habit. It is widely considered one has to gain a good determination for fighting up with smoking addiction. In this case hypnotherapy is found to be useful for weakening a person’s smoking desire and strengthens a person’s willpower for not lighting up the cigar again. • How to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis?Most of the people from all over Florida like Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Sunrise, Tamarac, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach County have found effective assistance of Dr. Alexander Matos, who is a licensed hypnotherapist with over 30 years of experience to quit smoking with hypnosis. In my hypnosis sessions, you will encounter

  • How smoking poisons the body?
  • Why you need to make your body healthy?
  • What are the emotional and practical reasons to quit smoking?
For sure you are going to end smoking with hypnosis with Dr. Alexander Matos that will help in leading a healthy life.

Weight Control with Hypnosis:

Escalations of obesity rates have made the people of Florida in considering assistance of Dr. Alexander Matos to control weight with hypnosis. My hypnosis sessions will help you in trusting your innate abilities and accentuating positive & negative impacts of certain food on the body that will help in giving up the temptation of food carving. Whether you are from Broward County, Dade County, Pompano Beach or Delray Beach in Florida, my office is open for providing effective consultation and treatment to control weight.

Boost Self Confidence with Hypnosis:

With a qualified and expert hypnotherapist Dr. Alexander Matos, you will get a right hypnosis treatment for strengthening your self confidence. In my hypnotherapy sessions, you will be guided in a highly relaxed state to overpower your fear and anxiety as well as will be encouraged to realize the strengths. This will help you in experiencing a new level of confidence after the hypnosis sessions.

Relationships with Hypnosis:

Patients from all over Florida like Palm Beach County and Ft. Lauderdale can avail my assistance for getting effective solution regarding their relationship issues, by undergoing relaxing hypnotherapy sessions. In hypnosis sessions your mind will be fully engaged to bring in conscious awareness of the deeper source about new perspectives on relationship, recapturing lost feelings of love and friendship as well as helping you to calm down and re-experience past memories in a positive way. Schedule an appointment today for consultation and treatment, by giving us a call today at (954) 472-8852 (561)327-2027.